McCullough Works  brings together Process, Design and Technology  to create impactful Ads, Layouts, Apps and Graphics that engage and influence. Explore a selection of previous works below. 



An Earth Based Brand UI/UX WEB Designer





PeaceGeeks Icon Set


Visualize, Conceptualize, Create. 

Why isn't information displayed visually more often?  I believe we should aim at communicating in the most impactful, efficient ways within our digital world.  We are at a point in time where modern devices empower us with clear, colourful displays and efficient engines that free designers in new and exciting ways.











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BIG SITE, little palette.

"We used a simple palette called Northern Campfire, to keep this vast, responsive site comforting yet energetic."




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MediaStar Keynote Investor Pitch Deck

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Botany Website Layout  Prototype / Graphic

QI Leap Tanagram Logo System. 


Launder App Marketing Prototype

MediaStar Pitch Deck Slide







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UI meet Brand.

A fresh logo, new website and branding materials are all in scope for this local film company.







Visualize, coceptualize, create.

The process is the soul of every project. Utilizing collaborative tools like digital sketching and whiteboarding is basically the design equivalent to "Jamming" (in musical terms).  Collaborate with your team, collaborate with your client. Two or more heads are better than one.      








Big Personality.

A brand is about more than just colours and fonts.  The way you communicate to your base, the language you use and when you use it, are all important factors.  

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The Guts.

See some snippets from the planning stage.








About Me.  

Hello!  I'm a designer living in Vancouver Canada, passionate about apps, tech, and design.  I crave challenging projects in branding, user interface design, digital design, illustration and traditional graphic design.  I believe in creative problem-solving skills, agile design process, and modern design tools.


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